• The well-known operations planner.
  • More user-friendly than the spreadsheet.
  • Drag & drop to move or copy items.
  • Quickly toggle operations as contingency to include or exclude in schedule.
  • Specify working times and automatically recalculate schedule.
  • Print to PDF and attach to pre-defined email.

Program features

Input operational schedule

Input operations with Planned (AFE), Adjusted and Actual duration.

Tag operations as Contingency or Milestone.

Set background and/or font properties for an operation to highlight it on the planning schedule (on screen and printed).

adjustable Working Time

Easily toggle between 24 hrs. operations and specified working hours.

When changing working time, operations are automatically recalculated.

Several features available to re-arrange shipments and personnel movements.

Logistics input

Conveniently input equipment and personnel movements below the operational schedule.

Ensure personnel and equipment are on location in time for the next operations.

Track personnel on location (POB).

Lookahead Report

Print lookahead schedule as shown on screen (2 pages, 14 days).

All operations, shipments and personnel movements are printed as highlighted on the screen (color and font settings).

Print directly to PDF and attached it to a standard email with pre-defined subject and message. Maintain a distribution list with the lookahead file.

Operations Report

Easily print operations list as displayed on screen.

The list may be filtered as required for a specific date range, contingency operations hidden, milestones only, etc. For example, the list may be filtered for Milestone operations only to provide a quick overview of the project.