Torque and Drag

  • Field proven since 2007. Around the world.
  • No training required. Fully comprehensive manual included.
  • Simple data input. Import survey or wellplan data.
  • Select pipe from built-in catalogues or build your own catalogue.

Program features

Multiple Calculation modes

Calculate tension, torque and normal forces along the drillstring for a Single Depth or calculate surface tension and torque for depths along wellbore when pulling out of or running in the hole by selecting the Trip Log mode.

It is also possible to back-calculate the Friction Factor for a hole section from a given surface tension. With this mode, friction factors can be accurately modelled from field data and used in models for new wells.

Customize output

Fully customize the result graph. Select line color, thickness and show or hide data point markers.

Fully customize the grid lines and optionally hide the graph from the printed reports.  All custom graph settings will be retained on the printed reports.

All customization can be saved and set as default.


Detailed results for  each operational mode may be reviewed on screen.  Detailed results may optionally be included in printed reports.

Detailed results can be exported to other applications (e.g. spreadsheets) for further custom analysis.

Units of Measurement

As with all other Softdrill NL programs, units of measurement can be set as preferred. 

Units may be changed “on the fly”.

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