Well Reporting System

Searchable BHA compositions

Profile points

BHA profile points are points on a bottom hole assembly that play a role in its (directional drilling) behavior.  A profile point can be a stabilizer, motor bend, MWD sensor, etc.  They are input as sub-records to a tool record and consist of 2 or 3 input fields; the position of the point relative to the bottom connection shoulder, a description (fixed value list for tool class) and – where applicable a dimension (stabilizer gauge, bend angle, etc.)

Profile points may be input for any applicable tool class in the BHA composition (tally), but they are best entered in the well’s Equipment Inventory.  When adding tools to the BHA composition from the Equipment Inventory (i.e. selecting a serial number from the drop-down list, by drag & drop or using the Copy BHA function, all profile points are copied along with the tool record.   By entering profile points with the tool record in Equipment Inventory this therefore has to be done only once!  Note that the profile point are copied to the BHA composition.  After they are copied, individual values may be adjusted per BHA.  This is, for example, useful for adjustable motor bends that may vary between BHA runs.

BHA profile and searches

When performing all calculations for the BHA run, the composition and profile points are encoded.  This process is invisible to the user but a simplified BHA schematic, showing all profile point with their dimension and distance from the bit, is drawn on screen or (optionally) printed on the BHA reports.  An example of such a schematic is shown at the top of this page.

The encoded BHA profile is stored in the database and used to search for BHA’s that meet certain profile criteria.  Any combination of profile criteria (including or omitting as required) can be composed with a dedicated input form.  BHA searches may be further refined by adding additional criteria such as minimum, average or maximum inclination, DLS etc. to help you find the most relevant offset runs.

Note that searches for profile point positions (distance from bit) are not exact; position are searched for within 1 meter or 3 feet ranges (for example 1.00 – 1.99 meter, 2.00-2.99 meter and so on from the bit).